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Sun Solar Enterprises

Sun Solar Enterprises was founded in 2000 as a Electronics & Electrical products Manufacturer & Supplier, put a step forward towards achieving Green Vision. Located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (India), the company has seen a reliable green future for the country.

We are one of the largest suppliers, wholesalers and System Integrator (Turn Key Projects) of Solar Products(i.e. Solar Panel, Solar Power Conditioning units, Solar Batteries, Mounting Structure, Solar Led Street Lights, Solar water heaters, Solar Power systems, Solar Fencing, Solar Garden Lights) as well as Solar Power Genrating system turn key projects , used Lights, Multi Color panel Lights, Cob Down Lights, Celling back Lit Panels, Bulbs, Dual Color Cob Panels, Slim Panel Lights Color changing,etc, Products are made of superior grade raw material which makes them perfect and highly efficient for future usage.

Why Choose Us ?

Whether you’re interested in a solar energy system for your home, business or building project, choosing us as your energy solutions partner makes perfect sense.

Advance Technological

The concept of our company is founded upon using the very latest technology to boost the success of renewable energy.

Competitive Advantages

SunSolar is made up of an experienced team of industry professionals who have comprehensive practical knowledge and experience in design, engineering, and installation.

Best Services

SunSolar is able to uphold the highest safety standards and continuously recommends new solutions that improve overall energy production performance.

Why SunSolar?


Protecting property, people and assets is the job of exterior lighting.


Sunlight is plentiful and photovoltaic panels can harvest energy where grids do not reach.

Advance Technology

Our products offer the solution where the power grid is either unobtainable or cost prohibitive.


Ease of installation makes adding light to fragile environments a lot less hassle and harm.


SunSolar wants to help you save energy costs and go greener with your next lighting project.

Local Services

We provide the best services of our latest solar prodcts.