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Why solar for commercial ?

Reduces the per unit cost of electricity saving the business from rising power bills.

Payback in 3-5 years, hence free electricity for next 20 years.

Sell excess electricity from solar back to the grid through net –metering, if available

Enhance the brand image of the company by going green.

Solar Power Plant For Commercial Use

In India the solar momentum has been gaining pace with support from government bodies and commercial establishments, rapidly awakening to the need of energy conservation. State Governments are promoting the use of solar energy by either making it mandatory or offering net –metering to sell excess solar electricity generated back to the grid. With the existing power and energy scenario it becomes imperative for industries and commercial setups to get independent for their electricity needs. Most commercial and industrial organizations have projects and client deadlines and timely execution can get hampered for the lack of important infrastructure like power and electricity.

Why solar for commercial ?

On Grid solar power systems

Grid connected solar panel installations which are highly cost effective in countries like India that get abundant sunrays throughout the year. These solar plants generate power throughout the day that is used to run the setup. These are connected to a large independent grid (usually the public electricity grid) and supplies power into the system and grid without battery back-up. It can also be modified to comprise small battery bank to provide buffer and control flexibility to allow optimum use of the renewable energy source. Because of its low installation costs on grid solar power plants are highly suitable for commercial setups like educational institutes,shopping complexes,small scale industries etc .

DG-PV Hybrid systems

These are hybrid Photo voltaic power generating system that are also connected to the grid and have a DG set connection as well to fulfill the power need in case of power cut from the central grid. The essence of this system is to provide uninterrupted power supply to the business throughout the day. The generation of solar energy keeps the electricity bills in check, while the backup of the Diesel Generator guarantees power in case supply is cut from the grid. Industries where nonstop power is required in their production facilities are ideal for PV-Diesel Hybrid systems.

Off Grid solar power system

Off Grid solar system are independent power generating units where power is generated through the PV panels which is utilized to run the setup and also stored in batteries for back up. For a commercial enterprise that is far off or remotely located, off grid solar plant comes as the best possible solution as it can run autonomously. DC current generated through the Photo-Voltaic panels passes through a charge controller to the inverter that converts the DC power to AC for immediate consumption and also for storage in batteries.