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Solar Energy for Home

With the increasing usage of electrical appliances in Indian households the demand for electricity has been rising. However the gap in supply and demand has also been widening with the growth in production not being as rapid as the requirement. This has led to massive and frequent power cuts in almost every urban city in India. The lookout for alternative sources of energy like solar energy has also become intense. Solar power plants not only fulfils electricity needs of your home but also lowers energy costs. The installation cost of the solar panels gets recovered in few years making it a cost effective option and a wise investment decision which leads to free energy generation after few years.

The primary and the most essential working of Off-Grid is described as that the Energy storage system consists of a bi-directional inverter that can charge or discharge a battery bank connected. The system can supply energy from Grid and Solar Panels to the connected areas where it has to be transferred. Battery bank can run the system to meet desired back up hours at designed load. This capacity of the system can cover for the sudden loss of PV in the system hence making it quite reliable for use in remote areas. The battery bank also allows excess solar energy to be stored and used later on when required.

Solar solutions for home from Perfect Aurarays

On Grid solar power systems

On Grid power solutions: Grid connected solar power systems are highly recommended for places that have power supply connectivity but are subjected to power cuts. The installation costs are low and affordable constituting of Solar panels, Inverters & wires. During daytime the energy utilized is through the solar installation and the supply from the grid is also utilized. Hybrid solar power solutions: These are also connected to the grid, however they are also equipped with a battery backup. The energy generated is consumed directly by the electrical appliances and the surplus energy is stored in the batteries for later usage. These are slightly high in price that on grid solar plants, however they provide the added benefit of backup.